Mission of Albert Sprokholt

Albert Sprokholt supports organizations in finding solutions for strategic issues in the area of IT management and business processes, like IT strategy, strategic sourcing of IT and outsourcing of IT services, governance, transformation, tendering and negotiating contracts with service providers and mediation.

Albert has the ability to position himself easily in the situation and the context of his customer. He has strong analytical skills and combines this with the ability to synthesize. He gets quickly to the core of the business, having an eye for the human dimension and the fact that business relations should create value for all parties involved.
Based on these competencies he is able to advise customers thoroughly about issues and opportunities in order to support the customer in achieving his objectives.

Albert has built up a vast amount of hands-on experience in transforming IT by addressing the needs of the business during the period he was responsible for IT management as a CIO.

Albert’s customers are mostly CIO’s and Board Members. He also advised Workers Councils of large international organizations on decision making around outsourcing of IT and IS.

Albert speaks regularly at conferences. He lectures about the ‘HR aspects of Outsourcing’ and ‘The Future of Outsourcing’ at the Master of IT Management program of the Technical University of Delft for over 5 years. In 2010 he started his PhD research (University of Amsterdam) on what factors determine the successful governance of external IT services and outsourcing.

Albert has his own consultancy firm since 2009. From 2010-2012 he had a part time position as Research Director at Quint Wellington Redwood. Before he was member of the European Executive Team of EquaTerra and Board Member of Morgan Chambers. He started Morgan Chambers Dutch’ business in 2001. Before he held CIO positions at AEGON and Bührmann-Tetterode.

In his spare time Albert was sports coach for many years. He has accompanied many rowers to Dutch championships and international podiums, like in 1980 when he was the coach of the national women's quad that finished sixth at the Olympics that year. Due to his experience as a sports coach Albert knows how to make successful teams by using of the strengths of each of the team members. It does not matter whether it is a sports team or a team responsible for implementing change in an organization. This was one of the key factors that made Morgan Chambers successful in the Netherlands. The coach as the architect of success.

Albert still rows and takes part in regattas for masters.

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