explanation of logo

Your own identity and distinction in the market for advice is important. How do you visualize your identity? Just Biel. from Zwolle developed the logo for my company. Advisors for strategic advice should help clients to think in new concepts and structures. My vision is that organizations are brought forward by moving away from existing structures. Starting from this idea, the concept developed. Departed from the meaning of my own surname (translated: twigs, kindling - the surname Sprokholt is actually a toponym that refers to an area close to Deventer in the Netherlands) the logo symbolizes that new forms and possibilities, innovation and growth, symbolized by the fresh young shoots, spring from the deadwood.

Albert Sprokholt enables companies, to grow where existing frameworks raise restrictions or where new initiatives are required. Either: where ICT ends, we start, you grow! This is not restricted to IT, but it can be a culture, the atmosphere within an organization or a new vision based on features that the environment or technology offer. Growth and change begin with the formation of new ideas. The colors are deliberately chosen and represent transparent and fair (blue), sustainability and attention for the environment and context of the organization (green).

» gewoon biel.
» photography: Margreet Vloon

where ict ends

we start

you grow