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Santa Fe Institute & Comenius Leergangen ‘Exploring Complexity’

2010 -

University of Amsterdam start PhD ‘Governability of IS Services'


Chinese Leaderschip Comenius Leergangen Beijng en Shanghai


IMD Lausanne Orchestrating Winning Performance


INSEAD Management Training AEGON


IMD Lausanne Competing Through Services


Harvard Business School Managing the Information Systems Resource


IMD Lausanne Management Training Bührmann Tetterode


SIOO Utrecht Organisatiekunde (1987)


Erasmus University Rotterdam MBA


Free University Amsterdam Bachelor Law


Gymnasium B


2009 -

Albert Sprokholt BV

  • Sourcing strategy for international manufacturing firm (Germany)
  • Coaching and consultancy services on sourcing initiative for workers council
  • Development of a business plan for governmental institution
  • Strategic analysis of IT function of financial services company
  • Renegotiation of service contracts of a Trusted Third party service provider
  • Coaching of IT outsourcing tendering process
  • Lecturing for Technical University Delft, Nijenrode and University of Amsterdam
2010-2012 Director of Research Quint Wellington Redwood
  • Lectures and publications on Innovation, Architecture, Sourcing Capability and Strategy.
  • Phd study ‘Governability of Outsourcing’
  • Consultancy services
2007 - 2009 Member of Executive team EquaTerra Europe Ltd
  • Sourcing strategy for international insurance company
  • Sourcing strategy insurance company
  • Selection of software solution and implementation partner for insurance company
  • Assessment of procurement contract of 2800 multifunctional printers,
  • Assessments of service organizations (customers in insurance sector and media sector),
  • Mediation workshops (customer [media sector] – supplier)
  • Publications and public presentations
  • Business development (a.o. Germany), research and knowledge management, development of a new integrated methodology for the consulting practice,
2001 - 2007 Board Member of Morgan Chambers Plc & Founder of Morgan Chambers BV The Netherlands
  • Sourcing strategy for Dutch Ministry
  • Sourcing Strategy Insurance Company
  • Business case for sourcing, transport company
  • Business Process Outsourcing back office administration
  • Second opinion outsourcing activities for two international banks
  • Coaching of 2 major Workers Councils
  • Outsourcing of logistic services (finance sector)
  • Developing Business Case for Outsourcing for Insurance Company
  • Outsourcing & Sales of Application platform
  • Outsourcing IT services in several business sectors: media, insurances, banking, utility company
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Strategy Development IT service provider
  • Several Publications and public presentations
1996 – 2001 Director Information Management (CIO) AEGON Nederland
  • Outsourcing IT/IS infrastructure
  • Outsourcing Application Maintenance of non critical systems)
  • Outsourcing Fulfilment
  • Partnerships with strategic IT suppliers
  • Information strategy based on Business Process Architecture
  • Shared service centres in insurance back office (bank, general insurance)
  • Development and implementation ICT standards
  • Delivery E-business strategy and general awareness of E-commerce with AEGON management – Alex- internet broker - was one of the spin offs of this program
  • Management consultancy to Business Units on ICT
  • Integration Business and IT planning
  • Operational excellence on IT budget

Chairman IT Inner Circle AEGON Group NV

  • AEGON Group wide policy on IT risk management
  • AEGON Group wide policy for network and desktop standards
1993 - 1996 Director Information Systems Packaging (CIO) KNP BT
  • Development and implementation Supply chain logistics in packaging
  • Implementing a shared standard ERP platform in a group of similar packaging companies
  • Responsible for methodology for the measurement of effectiveness of Information systems
  • Study after effect of ‘electronic highway’ on packaging
1990-1993 Director of Corporate Information Systems (CIO) Bührmann-Tetterode
  • Decentralizing Corporate IT to Divisions
  • Development and implementation of IT governance model across divisions
  • MBO of Application Support group
  • Strategic IS Consultancy to Management Boards of the Divisions
  • Implementation of group wide Management Information System
  • Design of Nation wide Sales System for the Office Products Division in USA
  • Responsible for development and implementation Corporate wide IT standards

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